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Cheap teeth whitening – Get rid of stains


Professional bleaching

Best professional teeth whitening will make your smile many shades whiter. The treatment must be done in stages and generally takes 3 to 4 weeks to complete. First a mouth guard is made, for this impressions of your teeth need to be made, once the treatment has been started, the rest of the treatment can be done at home. Generally this will mean putting the whitening product for 30-60 minutes per treatment. There are also treatments which are available where the product could be applied for up to 8 hours, meaning that results could be seen within one week.


Professional internal bleaching

This is a process where the bleaching product is placed within the tooth. This is only done on teeth which have been root treated, where the blood vessels and nerves have been replaced. The treatment involves drilling a hole into each tooth, putting the product in, and then sealing it. The procedure should be pain free due to the lack of nerves within the teeth. Generally a week later the filling and bleach are removed then the teeth are filled with colored filling. This technique may be combined with others to give the required shade.


Bleaching home kits

The best home teeth whitening kit will be the cheapest option; however these kits usually contain a very small concentration of the whitening product. Generally bleaching products need to have about 3.6% concentration to have a significant effect. Some kits contain mild acids or abrasives which may cause ulcers and gum damage if the product is not applied correctly. Usually kits will contain rubber mouth trays, which fit around your teeth, and bleaching gel in tubes. The gel is squeezed into the tray, and placed over the teeth for at least 30 minutes.


Laser whitening

Laser whitening (also known as power whitening) is where a rubber dam is put over the teeth protecting the gums, then a bleaching agent is painted onto the teeth. Once this is done a laser is beamed on to the teeth activating the bleaching agent. The laser enhances the whitening process. This type of whitening can make the teeth up to 5 or 6 times lighter. Generally laser whitening tends to be more expensive than professional bleaching.




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