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Cheap tooth extraction – Safe and Painless


Tooth pain can often be unbearable. Damaged teeth or impacted wisdom teeth in your mouth may often cause future complications with your healthy teeth and may need to be extracted. Whether you are experiencing pain from a problem tooth or need a tooth extraction of your wisdom teeth, American Dental Center offers cheap tooth removal service in Miami in a safe and painless way. Our dentist and dental surgeons (otherwise known as oral and maxillofacial surgeon) specialize in surgeries of the mouth and will ensure stress-free and painless removal of your problem tooth or teeth.


Tooth extraction refers to painless removal of a tooth with minimal trauma to the surrounding area.


Tooth Extraction Process:

Before removing your tooth, your dentist will give you a local anesthetic to numb the area where the tooth will be removed. A stronger, general anesthetic may be used, especially if several or all of your teeth need to be removed. General anesthetic prevents pain in the whole body and will make you sleep through the procedure.

After the tooth is removed, you may need stitches. You can gently bite down on a cotton gauze pad placed over the wound to help stop the bleeding. The removed tooth can be replaced with an implant, a denture, or a bridge. A bridge is a replacement for one or more (but not all) of the teeth and may be permanent or removable.

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