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Dental Implants – A Permanent Solution

Missing out on life due to missing teeth? An incomplete smile is often seen as a sign of poor oral hygienic and a lack of pride in your appearance. Although the reasons for tooth loss go far beyond neglect and may sometimes be beyond your control, negative traits are often associated with missing teeth.

If you’re dealing with missing teeth, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that 69% of adults have lost at least one tooth and 50 million Americans have lost all of their teeth.Tooth loss occurs due to many reasons that include:

Gum Disease:

Also called as periodontal disease. This infection attacks healthy gum, tooth and bone tissue. If left untreated, the bonds that hold gums and teeth together are destroyed, resulting in bone and tooth loss. Adults aged 55 and older faces periodontitis more compared to adults aged 30.

Tooth decay:

Hard plaques on tooth surface produce acids that slowly destroy tooth structure. Severe decay may cause extensive damage to tooth structure and results in tooth loss.


A fall, automobile accident, sports-related injury, physical trauma and other damage may cause tooth decay or damage teeth beyond repair.

But nowadays you can find solutions for every problem. Dental implants in Miami restore your incomplete smile to transform your life. The structure of dental implants looks similar to your natural teeth and provides the benefit of a complete smile. It is considered a permanent tooth replacement option and people with implant-supported replacement teeth can able to enjoy all kinds of food whether it is hard or crispy. In simple words, they love their new smiles and life again.

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