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Benefits of Dental Veneers in Miami

With improved dental awareness, good oral hygiene and a low incidence of dental caries, porcelain laminate veneers are now regarded as a viable conservative technique when compared with the removal of a greater amount of sound tooth substance that is required for full crowns. The veneers consist of a thin shell-like structure which is ideally fabricated in such a way that it can be closely adapted to the prepared tooth. They are an ingenious integration of available techniques and materials to solve many types of aesthetic dental problems.

Let’s see some of its unique benefits:

Porcelain laminate veneers are biocompatible, wear and solvent resistant, very color stable, and have a coefficient of thermal expansion similar to enamel. With veneers, the risk of pulpal involvement from tooth preparation is reduced, and the remaining tooth substance is strengthened by the resin-bonded restorations. The gingival tissues are also less affected, and anterior tooth guidance may be largely unaltered.

Even though, they are fragile before placement, dental veneers in Miami have superior reliable bonding strengths after hydrofluoric acid etching, when compared with resin composite and acrylic resin veneers. As porcelain itself has a similar coefficient of thermal expansion to tooth structure, the stresses induced by temperature changes in the mouth will not produce high stresses at the tooth-veneer interfaces.

The glazed restorations are also more wear resistant, less porous and less water-absorbent than resin composite and acrylic resin materials. Good periodontal health can be maintained since it is possible to place transparent and almost invisible supragingival margins if there is no underlying tooth discoloration to be masked.

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